Burchetts Green residents showing their appreciation of key workers during the pandemic.

What is R0?

We hear about the reproductive number or R0 from various sources, notably the UKs Chief Scientific Officer, and often in the media.But do you know what it means? Here is a (reasonably) simple explanation.

Our neighbours from Woolley Green have supplied the following information about scams "doing the rounds" at the moment

Corona Antivirus – the worlds best protection? Yes, they have! it’s a an attempt to gain info and inject malware.

Free Netflix pass - this has been mainly coming via text / message systems offering a free Netflix pass during the CV pandemic, its not real and another information gathering scam.

Corona virus locator - a web application that you can pay £0.75 to find out if the virus is in your direct area, scam to get credit card details.

Corona Virus safety masks - another website designed to get you attention and take you payment details and the rest of your money from your account.

Government orientated scams: following the legitimate message that was sent out across the mobile networks, scams are now being derived from that one particular message, with links to follow etc, please be wary and only use official sites associated with Covid-19 updates etc.

Government goodwill gesture from HMRC by text / message; in an effort to help the NHS and offering £258 as a goodwill payment, just follow the link to apply… yet another collector or bank details and other personal information.

Census form information on Facebook: this is designed to offer a Covid-19 check, but yet again it’s an information gathering to conduct fraud.

Free kids meals: with schools closing, scammers are attempting to target parents, all you have to do is provide your bank details for payments in to your bank to support your children’s free meals.

Quarantine Break Fine: this is normally a phone call identifying that the recipient had broken the quarantine rules and is to be fined. Again you will be asked for your bank details for the purpose of paying the fine.

ASDA: although ASDA are now offering vouchers to those in need for schools meal replacements, the scams have already started in offerings of other ASDA type vouchers.

I hope this message finds you well at this unusual time. I am getting in touch with you, as a valued member of our 'Friends of BCA' scheme, as the College needs a little assistance.